Jeff Wilkinson

HFK Tax Accountant - Jackson, WY
Phone: (307) 733-1658
Fax: (307) 739-1492
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Jeff Wilkinson has thirty years of experience in the accounting profession and provides income tax, financial and accounting advice and planning services to individuals and businesses. Mr. Wilkinson's expertise includes individual and business income taxation, business valuation services, litigation support, bankruptcy restructuring, and financial planning. He has testified as an expert witness in business valuations, and other accounting and tax matters.

Professional Credentials and Education  

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – Wyoming (active)

Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) – National Association CVA, 1998

B.A. Business Administration – University of Montana, 1987 with honors


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Wyoming Society of Certified Public Accountants

National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts

Forensic and Valuation Education

Valuation Issues in Family Owned Businesses

The Mechanics of Buying/Selling a Business

Valuation Methods: Alternatives and Decision Criteria

Advanced Valuations Discounts and Premiums

Valuing Pass Through Entities: S-Corp and LLC vs. C-Corp

Valuing Family Limited Partnerships

Business Interruptions: Losses and Claims

Financial Statement Misrepresentations and Fraud Prevention,

Detection and Response

Business Valuations: CVA Exam

Applying Market and Guideline Methods in Valuations

Capitalization/Discount Rates: Assessing the Alternatives

Normalizing and then Projecting Earnings

Working Through the Business Valuations Standards Maze

Fundamentals of the Business

Forensic Accounting - Foundational Tools

Forensic Accounting – Advanced Indices, Lexicology, Benefit Streams, Damages

Exit Option Case Studies

Exit Planning

Federal and District Court Rule 26(a)(2)(b) Information With Respect to Qualification of the Witness

Qualified as Expert Witness in Federal and State District courts

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