Anne-Laure Peterschmitt

Firm Manager - Wilmington, DE
Phone: (302) 257-2011, ext. 104
Direct Line: (302) 227-7283
Business Fax: (302) 257-2019
Wilmington, DE
Office Information


Anne-Laure Peterschmitt manages all aspects of the Halloran Farkas + Kittila LLP administrative work.  Anne-Laure has been heading up finance, personnel, image, and branding for all 5 offices since the formation of the firm in 2017.  She previously managed Greenhill Law Group, LLC before it merged into HFK.

Before joining the law firm, Ms. Peterschmitt was a Brand Manager at the French cosmetics company Yves Rocher, supervising its Kiotis Brand for the North American Markets: Canada, USA, and Mexico.

A native of Paris, France, Ms. Peterschmitt started her career at Accenture as a consultant.


Diplôme Ecole de Commerce de Rouen




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